Lectromec has been helping aerospace professionals since 1984

Our expertise has been leveraged by a wide range of organizations across the globe, from wire manufacturers to industrial operators, from aerospace to heavy industry, from military to commercial. We can help your organization ensure that your wires satisfy industry operating standards, meet regulatory safety standards, and are maintained efficiently and effectively.


Lectromec has been a leader in wires and wire interconnect systems since 1984 and has provided expertise to the aerospace industry, both military and commercial.

Lectromec helps organizations worldwide improve the safety and readiness of their air fleet and reduce the costs associated with aircraft maintenance.

Through standard and custom service offerings, your organization can:

  • Meet Electrical Wire Interconnect Systems (EWIS) certification requirements faster and easier
  • Reduce wire-related risks by identifying existing risks and project future risks
  • Reduce costs and improve maintenance programs through the implementation of comprehensive, effective, and efficient wire degradation assessment processes
  • Meet requirements for EWIS Service Life Extension Programs (SLEP)
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Lectromec's expertise in wiring extends beyond aerospace.

Using innovative technologies that are tailored to the customer's needs, Lectromec can help your organization:

  • Reduce costs by identifying wire system related issues through data driven analysis
  • Ensure conformance with industry and safety requirements
  • Deliver longevity projections useful for scheduling proactive maintenance actions

Lectromec has provided technical guidance and supporting analysis to customers needing wire system expertise for over 25 years. Our laboratory is capable of simulating a wide range of physical, electrical, and environmental factors that represent the most harsh in-service conditions.

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